Custom frames available as processing is done in house saves your technician’s repair time, reduce the minimum order quantities and significant tooling charges and specialty tooling.

I need eyelet repair kit. We provide PCB rework and repair services for three types of assemblies – BGA, Surface Mount (SMT) pcb assembly , and Plated through Assemblies.


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This article relates to some pcb repairs on an S-100 Computer Disk Controller card made by North Star Computers in the late 1970’s, however it could apply to all through hole pcb’s. 3 Conductor Repair, Welding Method R, F, C High A C 4. Apply pressure onto the eyelet to form the.

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. 50" (16. Free Shipping - NEW US Customers on Orders over $250.

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The eyelet inside diameter should be 3-20 mils greater than the component lead diameter. .

When placed into a PCB atop an anvil, an eyelet staking tool is used to stake them into the PCB -hammered down onto the anvil, the boss of the stake rolls the eyelet, forcing its flanges outwards and down into the board. .

) to the extent that the printed circuit board can function according to the previous design requirements.



The kit includes eight packages of different eyelet sizes to. . Depending on the quantity, please allow 1 - 14 days for your order to ship.

PCB Eyelet Repair Possible? Hello, I'm new to soldering and recently attempted to solder a keyboard PCB. . . . . .


If it connects to a thinner PCB trace, the repair is done the same way as described below, but is a little. Find Practical Examples, Images, Tools, and Instructions.


Look for PCB repair rivets.

Gold plated repair circuit frames.

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