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tamed Talking parrot for sale, the breed name is quaker/monk parakeet. Super friendly and hand tamed Six months old and perfect for training new tricks and talking Comes with the cage and a few extras. Blue Fronted Amazon.

Parrot types come in a wide variety of size, color, behavior, temperament, and ability to talk.

£1,500. Colors: green with faded bluish-black on the back, a yellow crown, and a white ring around the eyes. .

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The bird which he called Bittacus may have been a plum-headed parakeet. Hand Reared Baby Ringneck Manchester.

. £500 ONO For Sale Trustap Enabled.

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1•There’s tame and Untame birds available depending on your need.
Keysborough, VIC.

Beautiful and talking blue and gold Macaw parrots for a new home.

Age : 4.

. Mangalore Pets and animals More info. Age : 4.

Size: 15 inches long, weigh 11 to 18 ounces. Visit Birdtrader today and browse our Parrots for sale in Manchester. £89. Real Estate. .


Ringnecks Age: 1 year Mixed. Size: 15 inches long, weighs 25 to 27 ounces.

African greys are a popular bird species for sale, and there are a number of reputable dealers who can help you find the perfect bird for your home.

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There are about 372 parrot species from around the world.